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Haifa on the world map with the first plane of "Air Haifa"

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Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

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"No longer afraid of the word slut" • The 2016 Slut Parade in Haifa

The Sluts March 2016 in Haifa:
Over a hundred women and men, girls and boys participated today (Monday) in the Sluts' March, which is taking place for the fifth year in a number of cities in Israel, including Haifa. Zahra Biton, one of the organizers of the march: "The word slut is the biggest curse for a woman, because a woman's "honor" lies between her legs and we are going against it, we are not playing this game anymore and we are not staying silent anymore."

002-_The Sluts_March.jpeg

The Slut March 2016 in Haifa "Why am I dressed like a slut? Why do you think like a rapist" - "There is no excuse for rape, rapes go to jail" - "Orlando Damno is not a homeless person" These were just some of the slogans written on the signs carried by the marchers and the marchers in the Slut March that left Safar Square and up to the auditorium square in Haifa. There, a number of girls and boys told their personal stories and the experiences they had, whether it was sexual, verbal or rape harassment.

The organizers of the march explain that no matter what the woman does, or what she wears, her sexuality will always be a weapon against her, because society sees no point in fighting sexual violence because rape cases and complaints only happen to sluts, and anyone who is raped or harassed is automatically a slut. Everyone can keep trying to break us women down with the word "slut", but it won't work.

It should be noted that this year, unlike previous years, over a hundred people participated. Zahra Biton, one of the organizers of the march, told Hai Fa: "Apparently the reason for the large participation is that we are at the heart of terribly upsetting events, such as the rapist Brock Turner, who became very viral, an outstanding student and athlete at the university who raped a 24-year-old young woman and was sent to six months in prison and even protested the ruling on the grounds that the rapist had voluntary sex with him. In addition to the ridiculous arrest received by Yaniv Nachman, who drugged and raped women and in the end received a year. And many more stories. The women reach a point where they have no voice and reach a point where they are not heard. I think and believe that this is the reason that caused many to come out and participate in the march today in Haifa. I want to congratulate ourselves. I think that the organization was also Good and this is also a reason for the success of the march."

Bitton also added: "The march has been taking place for several years and we are in the same place, and it is terribly upsetting. Although thousands of women take to the streets. Last year, about a thousand women participated in the march in Jerusalem, almost naked and shouting, I don't deserve rape, and yet you see a man like Yaniv Nachman, in all his brazenness drugging women and raping them and nothing Not happening. I hope that next year the march will be better and more impressive, even though this year was an impressive and the best march that was in Haifa, until we reach a situation where this march will no longer be relevant and I am looking forward to that time."

"The word slut is the biggest curse a woman has, because her "honor" resides between her legs"

Zahra Biton's message: "Today we are no longer afraid of the word slut. It's deeper than that, the word slut is the biggest curse a woman has, because a woman's honor lies between her legs. I mean a woman's honor is always associated with the connotation of her sexuality, we go against it, we go out From these boxes, from these rules and we don't play this game anymore. We don't stay silent anymore."

003-_The Sluts_March.jpeg

The Sluts March 2016 in Haifareceived_10209653278147803.jpeg

Zahra Biton speaks at the Sluts March 2016 in Haifareceived_10209653266627515.jpeg

The Sluts March 2016 in Haifa[bs-thumbnail-listing-2 columns="4" title="Rape victims in Haifa" tag="84" count="4" pagination-show-label="0" pagination-slides-count=" 3" slider-animation-speed="750" slider-autoplay="1" slider-speed="3000" bs-show-desktop="1" bs-show-tablet="1" bs-show-phone=" 1" paginate="slider"]

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