Fear of an all-out war in Lebanon ○ The news headlines in the Arab media • Monday 2/6/24

(hai here) - with the increasing warming in the northern border and the fear...

Playgrounds in Haifa become a "house" for dogs

(Live here with pets) - The dog excrement phenomenon...

Like paracetamol for the dead - feeding the sand harms (again) the animals in the sea ► Watch

(lives here on the beaches) - summer has started and we come across...
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Hebrew Book Week banner in Kiryat Bialik - Rahav
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The hotel in Bat Galim was built in a flash, even though it blocks the coastline

This is a continuation of the article I published about two months ago during the election period...

Ehud Trail in Haifa - a community trail

The blood of the Maccabees for Ehud.

"See Value: Religion" • Chapter 3 • Religion - the psychological value

The existential questions The fact that religion has been present in our lives since the beginning of history is no accident....

The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

The Carmel Beach towers were built on a strip of land that belonged to...

to flex patterns, to think emotionally • about the autistic spectrum

Autism is a phenomenon that is defined as a neurological variation characterized by a group of...

A revolutionary product for keeping wild pigs away - border control - Border Control • Order here

Border Control - an ecological and humane product to keep wild boars away from private and public areas back to the natural spaces

Returning the pigs to nature with a revolutionary product that teaches the pigs to stay away from your garden, in a humane and ecological way and without harming them • 'Border Control' is now also marketed in Israel, to individuals and institutions seeking to keep wild pigs away from the garden, the yard and the city.

Respect both worlds - humans and nature

We advocate a simple and easy-to-use solution that respects both worlds - humans and the flora and fauna.
Our products support the separation of human spaces from the living spaces of wild boars. "live and let live". We offer a solution that does not harm the pigs, but signals to them that the area they entered is not a good source of food. In this way, our products help humans to live without fear of being harmed by wild boars.

How does 'Border Control' keep wild boars away?

Wild boars are intelligent and social animals that live in herds of females and cubs. The pigs dig in the ground in order to find food that provides them with protein (worms, insects, etc.). Human habitats are an excellent source of food for wild boars, which rely on scraps, green plants, arthropods, and feces found in private and public gardens.

'Border control' was developed while examining the characteristics and behavior of wild boars. The smell of the flakes scattered in the area attracts the pigs to reach it. Due to the availability of the flakes on the ground, the pigs leave other areas of the field to eat the flakes and thus the destruction of the garden and the irrigation systems is avoided.

After swallowing the flakes, the substance leaves an unpleasant sensation in the mouth for a short time. The reaction of the herd of pigs to this, especially among the puppies, causes the mothers to leave immediately and return to the natural areas from which they came. After a while, the effect of the substance wears off and the puppies calm down. The mothers, who usually lead the pack, classify the area as a dangerous area and avoid returning to it in the future.

Wild pigs in Haifa - a revolutionary product to keep wild pigs away - Border Control (Photo: Yaron Karmi)

Watch a video explaining how to choose the product and use it correctly:

How to successfully implement using 'Border Control' in 4 steps?

  1. You see the training video (it's only a minute) and accordingly - buy 'border control' in sufficient quantity for two treatments.
  2. carry out a dispersion of 'border control' In accordance with the dispersion guidelines (3 grams per square meter).
  3. Waiting between two days and a week. Make sure if pigs have arrived and if the material is still in the field, or if it has disappeared. (Sometimes more than one group arrives. If the first group ate the material, then the second group will not have any left).
  4. An additional treatment is performed immediately after the visit of the first group.

Border Control should be spread around the perimeter of the yard, in a strip of 8-10 meters (as you see in the video).
In small yards it should be spread throughout the yard.
The flakes are spread in a ratio of about 3 grams of flakes per one square meter (about 8-10 flakes).
The treatment must be repeated every 8 weeks throughout the relevant period.

Border Control - additional details you should know:

'border control' Defined as a friendly, non-dangerous, safe-to-use means intended for home application to repel wild boars produced in Germany since 1997. According to the manufacturer, the volume of sales and its expanding customer base are the best proof of its effectiveness.

Ecological – 'Border Control' Based on grains, amino acids and plant extracts. The preparation is marketed in Asia and Europe, under the European regulation for organic products (The Council of the European Union, Council Regulation No 834/2007, 28 June 2007) and approved for use in organic agriculture.

humane - 'border control' Does not kill or injure the wild boars. The substance itself irritates the oral mucosa as a result of eating. It is based on the principle that female pigs classify food areas as "good" or "bad", and therefore will classify the area where the material is eaten as a "bad" area.

standardization - border control Tested and has VO (EC) 834/2007 idgF standard and manufactured in a factory approved VO (EG) Nr.183/2005, Israeli standard - Border Control received all the necessary permits from the Israeli authorities.

Pigs in Neve Shaanan (photo: residents of the neighborhood)
Wild boars in Haifa (photo: Hai Pa)

A revolutionary product for keeping wild pigs away - Border Control - Border Control

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

Border Control wild boar removal
Border Control wild boar removalhttps://www.bordercontrol.co.il/
Border Control provides ecological and humane products to keep wild pigs away from private and public areas back to the natural spaces. We advocate a simple, easy-to-use solution that respects both worlds - humans and the flora and fauna. Our products support the separation of human spaces from the living spaces of wild boars. "live and let live". We offer a solution that does not harm the pigs, but signals to them that the area they entered is not a good source of food. In this way, our products help humans to live without fear of being harmed by wild boars.

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  1. This is not the solution, because the pigs will be removed from one garden and come to another, there is no escape from a massive extermination of pigs on a regular basis and not out of necessity except in quantities and in a systematic manner. In any other solution, the pigs will continue to be a nuisance and a danger to the public in the urban space

  2. It is appropriate on the part of the Haifa municipality to provide us with the product as compensation for all the damage caused to us by the pigs so far.

  3. An excellent idea, just where exactly are they supposed to return after the person builds in all the spaces they were in

  4. And if it helps, it will help keep pigs away only from specific areas. What about the other urban areas? There is no escaping the elimination of pigs in an efficient and permanent way

  5. Why isn't there something to keep troublesome and dangerous dogs away from examinees and their owners?

  6. Thank you very much, I read about it before, and I knew that in Ifopa they use it. I believe that the municipality must order the material, and spread it in all the public gardens, including on Moriah Street, Carmelia, in Kabir Keller from end to end, on the pedestrian path near the auditorium and some of them. For any citizen who is interested in using the area of ​​the house that still has pigs. They invested a lot against pigs which did not help. Ready to help citizens repair damaged yards. So like they decided then on bins/ and all the other ways that didn't help. It would be right to take care of the citizens. We pay quite a bit to municipal officials. And asking again to dare and go out of our 4 walls. For nature, for recreation. for a normal life. You should also check that pets will not harm you. Thanks

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