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Finally, and considerably late, the cable car will start operating • "Real news for Haifa"

Haifa municipality signed form 3 for the cable car yesterday (Sunday 4/22/4) and thus the Israel Routes Company officially and in an orderly manner transferred the cable car project to the operator - Cable Express.

Haifa Cable Car (Photo: Israel Routes)

As I recall, the Haifa municipality delayed the opening of the cable car with arguments of construction defects, while the management of Israel Routes claimed that the Haifa municipality did not respond to its requests for a certificate of completion for the project and the opening of the cable car.

The saga regarding the graduation certificate (form 4) came to an end yesterday, with the municipality signing the form and transferring it to Netibi Israel. This allowed the company to transfer the project to the operator of the cable car "Kable Express".

Tzachi Gora, Deputy Director of the Railway Infrastructure Division, said:

Israel Routes Company is happy to congratulate on the completion. With an investment of over 400 million shekels, the cable car project in Haifa was completed and now with the receipt of Form 4 from the Haifa municipality, it will be possible to transfer it officially and in an orderly manner to the operator of the Cable Express company. This is real news for the residents of the city of Haifa, those who come to its gates and the students in the area.
I would like to congratulate the operator with blessings and success on behalf of the company's management and its employees.

The Haifa cable car was inaugurated last August, after works that lasted about three and a half years and with an investment of over NIS 400 million. The cable car was supposed to open to the general public at the start of the academic year at the Technion and the University of Haifa, but it was not opened for use as planned and the opening was postponed. In the last two months, an experimental operation was carried out.

The cable car will run along the route between the Gulf center and the University of Haifa and will also stop at the Technion on the way. The cable car system is operated using 150 cars, with each car accommodating up to 10 passengers. The carriages will leave the station every 15 seconds and will transport up to 2,400 passengers per hour, in each direction, at the same time. The trip from the Gulf center to the Technion will take about 10 minutes, and another 9 minutes from the Technion to Haifa University. The stations and the carriages will also be accessible to the disabled.

The cable car project is expected to significantly improve accessibility to the Technion and Haifa University and encourage tens of thousands of students and academics to prefer public transportation, at the expense of their private cars. In addition, it will ease the parking shortage on the campuses and the streets adjacent to them, as well as the traffic congestion on the main roads, in Ma'ale Carmel.

It should also be noted that the cable car is expected to work 7 days a week, as the Minister of Transportation Merav Michaeli promised at the conference of Gulf authorities held about two weeks ago in Haifa.

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Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Samar Odeh - Carantinji
Journalist in the team of correspondents of the Chai Pe site • Municipal reporter, crimes, environment and health Contact Samar by email: [email protected]

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  1. discrimination
    The cable car at Stella Maris, which operates on Saturdays for tourism purposes in return for 35 NIS for a round trip ticket, the cable car between the Gulf center and the university is closed on Saturdays. Shame on the city of Haifa that needs the tourism revenue so much. The municipality of Haifa prevents the citizens of the State of Israel from coming and enjoying the spectacular view from the cable car on Saturdays for the price low, forcing people to use a short and expensive cable car

  2. What in other parts of the world is done in a short time, we start an argument that delays the activation. In the end it turns out that the project is unnecessary and money was wasted for nothing. Then comes the accusations phase.

  3. I hope you succeed as planned in safety. Those who do not want, will not use on Shabbat, will not interfere, will consider those who want to use another type, makes it easier and shortens distances and waste of time, to use another type of public transportation. Many thanks to Sara Merav Michaeli.

  4. The cable car is a welcome project, especially for students, who will be able to arrive by train from the south and the north, and continue studying while traveling by cable car, which is a quiet and calm travel experience, without the noises, jolts and crowding of traveling by bus.

  5. Just another moment and then it will become clear that as usual the municipality did not take care of parking spaces neither in the university area nor in the heart of the Gulf area as usual there will be no parking spaces and now we will see who will be the next negligent victim in the land of defaults

  6. After the enthusiasm during Passover when families will come to the stupid cable car as a cheap pastime, it will remain immediately after Passover completely empty of activity and begin to accumulate huge deficits. In my estimation, the demand for it is really zero, maybe a thousand people in each direction, morning and evening. Something that clearly does not justify a cable car and will not recover its costs. All the demand was filled by buses, some of which also traveled empty from the campuses to the Gulf center because the cities in the Galilee have direct bus services from the campuses and they do not need either the cable car or the train to Nazareth from the check post.
    It should be noted that the university has strong winds in the winter, the spring semester is held in the winter, and then the cable car will not be able to run for a large part of the semester

    • Of course I meant that the winter semester is conducted in winter weather that will cause the cable car to be closed for many days during it.
      The students on rainy days will also prefer a bus that is scattered at the stops near the faculties than a cable car at the edge of the campus which is a quarter of an hour's walk away.
      It is quite clear that the Technion will demand that the groups continue mainly on buses that make a circuit around the entire campus and will not use the cable car station, which is about ten minutes to fifteen minutes away from 80 percent of the campus on foot

    • You are wrong and big, there are direct lines to the Technion only from Nazareth, Nesher and Haifa and a few other Arab villages, maybe also the Kiryats, needless to say that there are dozens of stops for each such line and during rush hour there are big traffic jams, in addition line 142 between Lev HaFaetz and the Technion takes at best 22 minutes, This is the best line that connects the central station to the Technion, the cable car cuts this time in half, in addition this line is very rare, it does leave in the mornings frequently, but then it disappears later in the day at one o'clock and then disappears altogether, for all the other students who don't live in the dormitories This means that it will take us 40 minutes to get off campus to the switchboard, I'm not kidding, that's about the average time with the traffic jams and changes at certain hours. The cable car station is a 5 minute walk from the heart of the campus, it may be a lot for the elderly, but not for students, it's a very short walk for us. Regarding working in the rain - as someone who used the cable car a lot during the run-up period, I am happy to inform you that it works great in the rains and winds.

      Now the students will have very fast access to the center and from there very fast access to trains, buses and metro, this is simply a new lifeline for the city of Haifa, it will be possible to get to the port of Bar or I know what very quickly, we will take a cable car to the center and from there metro.

      In any case, many thanks to the Ministry of Transportation, contempt for Haifa Municipality.

  7. ?They already made a very nice film (about the process) once upon a time.
    It was called the Blaomelech Canal. Very reminiscent of our days.
    Ephraim Kishon? 1969. Nothing has changed.
    The main thing is for the mayor to cut a ribbon and clap his hands

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