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Dozens participated in the Sluts' March in Haifa, 2015


Parade of Sluts - Ofri Peretz and Anat Yakel

Dozens of women and men, boys and girls, participated today (Friday) in the Sluts' March in Haifa, which started from Safar Square and ended at the Kindergarten.

A short video report with the organizers of the event - the parade of sluts

For your information, we will not be able to broadcast the stories of the girls who were hurt, because they are minors
Presenter: Samer Odeh. Photography and editing: Yaron Karmi

Creepy stories of teenagers

A Haifa boy who was raped: "The most horrible thing I experienced was not the act itself nor the nightmare I went through that night, but the reaction of those around me, how you are a man and unable not to resist or remain silent. People don't understand that when this happens you freeze." Transgender girl: ""Since I started walking around as a woman, I have been harassed countless times on the street by men".

Dozens of moving and chilling stories were heard today from the mouths of several girls and boys who experienced sexual violence and rape. They told and shared with the participants of the march the difficult experiences they had gone through or that one of their relatives or friends had gone through. "I'm not one out of three, but my sister is," said a girl who came especially from Yavne to participate in the march in Haifa. "My sister was raped by our cousin several times. I always felt guilty because one of the days she was raped, I invited him to have lunch with us, I was a 9-year-old girl and my parents were not at home. After we finished the meal he asked about my sister and I told him she was in her room go in. I didn't know he was like that, he is our friend and our cousin. That day he entered her room and raped her. When I found out about it I felt guilty. When you know that your sister will be raped, you know how close it is and how hard it is especially that you couldn't help."

The parade_of_sluts_-_demonstration_of_support_for_victims_of_sexual_assault.jpg

The parade of sluts - a show of support for victims of sexual assault
A transgender girl from Haifa shared with the participants the difficult experiences she went through: "Since I started walking around as a woman, I have been harassed countless times on the street by men. People I know justify it because they claim it's because of the way I dress, that I dress naked and I ask for it. One day when I was talking to my friend and I told her about her boyfriend who threatened to beat me because I didn't want to undress. She answered me "You define yourself as a slut so what do you expect, this is what you want". "So no, not really," says the transgender woman.

"Unfortunately, I also fell into this statistic" Said a Haifa boy who was raped, and continued, "It seems to me that the most horrible thing I experienced from this was not the act itself, nor the nightmare I went through that night, but the reaction of the environment, how are you a man and unable not to resist or remain silent. People don't understand that when it happens you freeze and people don't understand that the concept "No" it's not. The mask of terror I went through was terrible. That moment when I had to tell the investigators what I went through in detail and repeat it. In the end I canceled the complaint because I couldn't take it anymore. People started saying there was no way that the same rapist touched me."

Anat Yakel, one of the organizers of the march in Haifa told Lahi Fe: "We are protesting the sexual violence and also the authorities' ignoring of women who complain. There is a tendency to blame the victim instead of blaming the rapist and the attacker. Instead of putting the attacker in jail and punishing him, they blame us Many times".

Ofri Peretz One of the organizers of the march in Haifa told Lahi Fe: "There is more awareness than last year. When we announced the date of the march, the response was amazing. This year there is also a large participation of girls who come and tell their story."

"Every woman who has gone through something like this has her back. We are behind you. You should tell and complain. The attackers should be punished for their actions and men should take responsibility for it just as we take responsibility for it. This is not just our struggle," Yakel concluded.

Sluts' March 2014 - Haifa
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