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Heavy machine gun fire off the coast of Haifa

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The night train to Haifa does not stop at the station

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13-year-old Yair Whitson, a resident of Haifa, found a 1,800-year-old ring in Carmel

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Apartment prices in Haifa are rising sharply and how does the war affect the real estate market in the city?

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"Nasrallah" not only in Lebanon but also here at the bottom of the sea in Haifa?

As a person who spends an average of four hours a day diving, every day...

Eli Linskill Shor • Haifai who changed his life in midlife

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Ruthie Segal • Goddess of the fruitfulness of creation • Haifa painter and curator

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An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

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Huge flats of Perna Perna oysters have been discovered in Haifa Bay

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Sterilization and neutering of street cats • Residents of Haifa, with your help we will expand the operation and save unnecessary suffering from the cats and you • Report to us | Free

The heat period is in full swing - help us prevent unnecessary breeding and suffering from cats and residents - call and report to us - Moked 106 - and we will take care of spaying and neutering the cats

Hila Laufer, who was elected to the position of chairman of the animal welfare committee In the Haifa municipality, the residents of the city are requested to use the service provided by the municipality - free of charge, and to forward 106 reports on the issue of stray cats to the municipal hotline

Spaying and neutering street cats in Haifa
• Call the hotline 106 •
The service is free of charge

Hila Laufer, chairman of the animal welfare committee in Haifa and member of the city council on behalf of the Greens:

We have now entered the heat season of the cats. We will encounter a lot of fights of males over the female, a crazy chase of lots of males after an unfortunate female. The female's estrus will end in pregnancy and after two months littering will begin and a few weeks later the puppies will start popping up from all sides - sick and injured puppies, dying puppies, nursing mothers who look like skeletons, injured males after fights. We want to prevent all this unnecessary sorrow and suffering. What's more, many residents, who don't necessarily take care of or take care of the street cats, also suffer from this, no one enjoys seeing all the suffering under their house, next to the garbage cans and in every corner.
Hila Lauper (Photo: Facebook)


I am asking all residents of Haifa: contact the municipal hotline, leave details and location of the area where many cats are found. The notification will be forwarded to the veterinary department which will send catchers to collect the cats, transfer them to a clinic where they will undergo sterilization and neutering. The cats will be marked (tip of ear cut - so that we can identify a cat that has/has not undergone the process), vaccinated and returned to their location.

Help us help them and you. Help us reduce unnecessary multiplication and a lot of suffering, even more unnecessary, that accompanies it. A spayed and neutered cat will also enjoy a quiet life and much better health, and their environment will also be preserved much better.

As part of the activity carried out by the veterinary service in the municipality of Haifa, to sterilize and castrate street cats, the cats are collected from all over the city According to residents' inquiries to the municipal hotline 106.

The cats undergo surgery by a qualified veterinarian, are examined, marked and vaccinated against rabies. The next day, after their recovery, the cats are returned to the place from which they were collected.

During the year 2020, approximately 4000 street cats were spayed, neutered and vaccinated against rabies in Haifa, with the members of the veterinary service closely monitoring the operation and reporting every capture and every operation in real time. Also, the service personnel conduct frequent audits in the clinic where the surgeries are performed.

The municipality's activities have an impact on the quality of life of both the residents and the cats. The activity is important both for reducing morbidity among the cats and extending their lifespan and preventing unnecessary suffering, and for the residents and preventing nuisances caused by the uncontrolled proliferation of street cats.

Spaying and neutering street cats in Haifa
• Call the hotline 106 •
The service is free of charge

A street cat in Haifa (Photo: Yaron Karmi)

Contact Chai here: At watsapBy email

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24 תגובות

  1. I adopted two puppies, and I have to spay and neuter them urgently before they breed in my house.
    They are young but wild cats that cannot be petted. I would appreciate it if you could explain exactly what the process is

  2. I have been waiting for the municipality for 4 years. Dr. Klein really didn't do much. I took care of 4 cats. I have many more in the yard. There are also pigs on the way.
    The cats around me, at least one named Marina, only I could catch her. I need a trap and in a few days I will bring several cats.

  3. Quite a few times I have taken stray cats to animal cruelty in Haifa. in order to spay and castrate. and charged me a fee. I explained to them that it was street cats. I asked that they be marked and their ear cut off. I was still charged money.

  4. at 20-24 Hasport St., Haifa,
    There are quite a lot of street/yard cats that are not neutered or sterilized.
    This causes uncontrolled reproduction,
    Also, there is no one to feed or care for so many cats and kittens
    and as a result there are harsh scenes of neglected cats,
    Hungry who fight for food, sick.
    And there are even residents who hurt/abuse these street and yard cats on purpose, claiming that the cats are bothering them.
    These cats can be called by placing food - cats on the spot
    Then the cats will start coming in and out of their hiding places.

    Please treatments.

  5. Once the municipality did not deliver my application. It's just that I independently called the catchers.

  6. Instead of looking for cats, maybe first you will solve the problem of rats in the streets, every corner in Hadar has a petting zoo for rats!!! If you start uprooting and neutering cats, in the end there will only be rats the size of a cat and all the cats will disappear because of you...who are you to take such a decision upon yourselves? When will you understand that this is not your work, this is the work of the creator of the world, he created them for a purpose and it is none of your business, stop your madness, humans, you have crossed all the limits, you are tired

  7. What exactly is funny about ultra-Orthodox?
    Even more shameful that the cats are being thinned out from the streets
    Who are you to decide on the creation of the Creator of the world?
    animals !!!!!

  8. Cruelty and suffering are twice both castration and cutting off their ear, brats.
    And by the way, no one said that you need to "take care" of the street cats, they can take care of themselves, every animal has a survival instinct.

  9. Kalman you were great and right!
    And the main thing for Nirit and for all of us, there are no trash cans but trash cans!!!
    On the municipality's removal trucks it is written that they remove tons of garbage and not tons of garbage, and the removal is to landfills and not to a landfill!!!

  10. Does sterilization also work on Haredim?
    Instead of trimming the tip of the ear, can you trim another tip?

  11. To die in agony and to have descendants who die in agony is: suffering. The arrogant are those who state that culture has value in itself. There is the science of statistics. As a philosophical thought experiment: it's like offering a person to have 10 children *provided* they kill 9 of them. If he agrees, it is immoral. The science of statistics.

  12. Reach out to the Haifa municipality. I am a new resident of Warburg Kiryat Shmuel. I must state every request I made to the hotline.

  13. The municipality cheaply employs veterinarians, type of vets who have just graduated from high school and have no experience. Cats who have not recovered from surgery die in great suffering under the bushes and no one knows. They closed the garbage bins from which they fed the cats for decades. The whole theory of neutering and sterilizing did not justify itself.

  14. Kudos to Haifa Municipality! Only castration and sterilization prevent the unwanted breeding of cats that have no one to care for them. The truth is that it is so elementary, it is not clear what people here are jumping to condemn...and more in the name of the welfare of the animals. Reminds me of my opinions at the age of 12, when I didn't understand from my life and was told that because of cruelty to animals the dogs are sterilized.. I bet you 10000 NIS that the funny commenters here don't actually care about the cats on the street.

  15. If you need technical help in performing castration, I have an excellent guide from Dr. Mangala, he has a lot of experience in the field

  16. Well done for the initiative! Spaying and neutering is the best way to prevent them from unnecessary suffering. I read some of what people wrote here and I can't believe that's how they think. I'm a veterinarian and I know that this is the right way to love and keep them healthy, and let's not talk about rabies.

  17. Arrogant arrogance of rotten western culture. There is enough space and enough food in the world for billions of cats. You have no right to blame them and prevent them from having offspring. The life of the street cats is better than the fat house cats who sleep all day on the TV couch, and also better than the lives of most people. Get off them already, they only do good and exterminate pests. You are wasting our money on murder

  18. The title of the article can be confusing: "We will save unnecessary suffering from the cats and you"

  19. Stop with your arrogant nonsense already. When will you realize that you have no right to rob the animals of the gift that the Creator gave them, to bring offspring into the world. Who are you to decide what suffering is and what is a worthy life or not. This is rude. Even street cats have a good life and enough food

  20. In Kiryat Bialik, only the cats are neutered. We have a cat that is 20 years old and still alive
    Until now I thought that wild boars ate the Haifa cats and there are no more cats there

  21. Castration causes the death of males in great suffering. When the garbage cans are also hermetically closed and they feed on dry food. They who are castrated get urinary tract obstruction and bladder swelling. and die a cruel death filled with excruciating pain. When these are domestic cats that are neutered, the owner notices and rushes to the vet. No one notices street cats. That is why the person in charge of the welfare of the street cats actually causes their death with unparalleled cruelty.

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