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The municipality of Kiryat Bialik is launching a new website

An exciting Passover ceremony was held in the refugee camp • The ship 'Exodus' ► Watch

'Exodus', a symbol of bravery and determination, great excitement was recorded last Friday...

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Live broadcast now live here - public participation - restoration of Sderot Yitzhak and Sderot Zvi in ​​Haifa | About NIS 12 million will be invested in rehabilitation

Public participation - restoration of Sderot Zvi and Sderot Yitzhak 9/2/21 at 17:30 • with the participation of Mayor Einat Kalish

The rehabilitation plan for Sderot Yitzchak and Sderot Hzvi will be presented to the residents at a public participation meeting that will be held with the participation of the mayor and will be broadcast live on the Haifa Municipality's Facebook page on Tuesday 9/2/21 at 17:30 p.m.

Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem, Mayor of Haifa (Photo: Yaron Karmi)
Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem, Mayor of Haifa (Photo: Yaron Karmi)

The restoration will be carried out by the operations manager in collaboration with the Yaffe Nof company, when in the first stage Yitzhak Boulevard and Deer Boulevard will be renovated at a total cost of approximately 12 million NIS.

With the completion of the works, Cypress Boulevard will also be restored, the design of which is perfect these days.

The restoration of the streets will be carried out after a long and careful planning, in which great emphasis was placed on the preservation of the scenic show that distinguishes these streets and the preservation of the old trees, some of which are a hundred years old or more.

The works are expected to begin during the month of March, first on Sderot Yitzhak, then on Sderot Zvi and later on Sderot Beroshi. where the expected duration of work on each street is about three months. The work on each street will be carried out in sections in order to make it as easy as possible for the residents of the streets.

The representatives of the Public Inquiries Division will accompany the residents and be at their disposal throughout all phases of the project.

The plan will be presented to the residents of Sderot Elzvi and Sderot Yitzhak at a zoom meeting that will take place on 9/2/21, at 17:30 p.m., and will be broadcast live on the city's Facebook page. The meeting will be attended by Mayor Einat Kalish Rotem, the head of operations at the Haifa Municipality, the director of the traffic and landscape planning department at the Haifa Municipality, the program's agronomist and representatives of the Yaffe Nof company.

The restoration of Cypress Boulevard will be presented later according to the progress of the plan.

Deer Blvd Yitzhak St. - Public participation (Photo: Haifa Municipality)
Deer Blvd Yitzhak St. - public participation (photo: Haifa Municipality)

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  1. Rita I didn't say to forbid owning a car. But people on Zion Avenue want 3 parking spaces for each family. It's great that their financial situation has improved and they are buying more and more vehicles, why is this a problem for the municipality? For 60 years people raised families there, did shopping and went to work when half of the population in Hadar did not have a private car. 20 years ago it got a bit crowded there was one car per family. The number of bus users in Haifa decreases every year. In the 70s, two-thirds of Haifa's residents traveled by bus as the main means of transportation for the household. In the 90s, even with the increase, it dropped to 50% and in the 2000s it already dropped below 40%. Today only a third or less use the bus as the main means of transportation for the family.
    But Mila, starting in 2010, the leasing binge began, which led to the fact that it would be "cheap" to buy another car in installments. magnificent. What is the municipality's fault that a family that got by on a bus, then got by with one car, now wants 2 cars and one more for the girl who is studying at the university and one more for the son who just got his license. And everyone should park no more than 5 meters from the building. So a building of 6 tenants that once had 3 vehicles, then 6 vehicles, then 9 vehicles today has 20 vehicles. Blame the municipality as much as you want, it is not the job of the Haifa municipality to waste all of our property taxes on parking lots for 2-3 vehicles per family. Not in Habiva Reich, not in Hadar, not in Kiryat Eliezer and not in Shear Aliya. not going to happen.
    The municipality's role is to provide an alternative to the current dismal situation. Because let's assume they all had parking for 20 vehicles per building. What's going on? We leave the parking lot in the morning and find traffic jams of 20 minutes on every major road in Haifa. So transportation engineers start milking us for billions of shekels: more roads going down to the coast, another expansion of roads, maybe a high-rise highway in Moriah or another road under the Carmel center? There were already plenty of delusional suggestions that wouldn't work. There are too many people driving too many private vehicles.
    The only proposal that will work, even if there are shouts from the public that the mayor is destroying the city and atrocity and harming the residents with health problems, sorry but the only thing that needs to be done right now is that the number of residents who will use buses will increase back to two thirds. that people will feel that it is a shame to spend on a car.
    This means upgrading the bus lines, as much as possible. Give them priority wherever possible. In the future, instead of buses, there will be taxis or an autonomous minibus that will make a tour between public institutions and neighborhoods, and maybe then we will understand how stupid it is that we kept 3 vehicles for the family and just wasted tens of thousands of shekels per year. Because why do I have to take my car to drive 10 minutes to park it at Carmel Hospital, pay for parking, the car just waits for me and then I go back alone in the car home from work.
    All over the world I get on a bus, a dedicated shuttle, a taxi or get off the subway near the house, it takes 10 minutes a subway line goes 50 meters and I'm in a hospital. This is how it must work in Haifa. Hospitals, universities, municipalities, schools, everyone should be provided with lines to any place in the city no more than 10 minutes. Priority routes for the bus, and availability of lines of a maximum of 10 minutes on each line in Haifa. That is 5 lines per hour at each station.

  2. Eyal, it's true that I live on Sderot Zion, but not up in the direction of Carmel, more in the direction of Wadi Nasens B. I have a sick husband and he is 76, and I am 70 years old, and for 4 years I have been fighting to get a disabled ticket for a car, and I am eagerly waiting, and right next to us there is a neglected playground for over 30 years. to make a parking lot there and there is no response from the municipality to this day

  3. Eyal is right as usual.
    There are parking spaces at the Aliyah gate that appear in the tabu as belonging to the building's tenants, but the municipality decided that they are "public" parking spaces. There is no answer from the city of Haifa on the matter, nor from the legal department.
    I wonder why…

  4. Everyone wants parking for 3-4 cars for the family
    Zionism Ave. Bus every 5 minutes
    They are not in style to travel by bus, why not?
    Well, really, people wonder why Haifa is behind.
    All the time the city is busy with roads and not with people.
    The problem is not the parking. The problem is the need for a car in the city.
    Only when we understand this can we have an international Bremen city.
    There is no urban strategy in Haifa for public transportation.
    Ask the municipal auditor who found that you handle all of this
    The secretary of the head of the parking department. Found dozens of bus lines that don't operate until 22:30 p.m. (not even midnight like the rest of the world) they finish in Haifa at 21:30 p.m. And often they don't meet it because there is a shortage of manpower for drivers. You don't just deal with it
    In order to arrange 6 more parking lots for jeeps in Carmel. sad

  5. To Mrs. Mayor, do you know that the Zionist routines street is located? We invite you here for a visit. Don't be lazy. Come and see and hear us. Note: Don't come with a car, they won't give you a place to park, and this is also one of the problems here, apart from potholed sidewalks on the roads and more,,,, Get back with an answer please

  6. Bless the mayor for the wonderful work.
    At the same time, I expect and hope that in the near future I will also hear that the mayor has decided to build an elevator in every 4-5 story building that does not have an elevator.

  7. Instead of investing in the ruins of the Ascension Gate, where there is criminal neglect in all parameters, sidewalks, weathering, roads that are jammed, trees falling down, drainage systems, collapsed road markings, and dirt, they invest in exclusive places on the streets of those with influence and money. All hopes and they will be dashed, I order the correspondence in order to verify my words and prove the horrible absurdity

  8. It's time to invest in these places. It is important, Einat, what you do for the residents of Haifa. Bless you for that.

  9. Very nice. What about Cypress Boulevard? The road there is a catastrophe and a danger to lives.

  10. Any restoration and promotion of an area is welcome.
    I hope the mayor will understand that the roads from Kiryat Haim to Haifa need to be restored, all along the way.
    I was warned many times about potholes mainly in the right lane (I counted over 44 potholes on just one side and sent them their exact location). They pour some asphalt that was washed away with the rain

  11. A first step on Mrs. Klish's part, but what about the rest of the streets? We have been asking for 30 years regarding the parking arrangement on Zion Boulevard, and there is no answer. Sidewalks on the aforementioned street with potholes have not been repaired. Today without renovating or the migracha at all

  12. It is very important to improve and renovate streets in Haifa, but it is equally important to keep the main traffic roads free of potholes, for example in the Golani Division or on Pika Road.

  13. The honor of the 3 boulevards is in place, but what is happening in the other parts of the city? Look, for example, at the Matza junction and the Horeb junction - the horror of God! ! ! ! ! ! !. By the way, I'm interested in which of the "Gadoilim" lives at the beginning of Freud St. For some reason, this section of the street was re-paved there.

  14. Hey, what are you going to do in the Sirkin Center, which has been mentioned for 50 years, especially from number 21 to Shapira Dam Street, all the shops are closed and sealed without any income and pay property tax like in area A for what and why???!!!

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