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Minus NIS 1 billion for Haifa - Yaffe Nof company in danger of closing

A heavy blow to the city of Haifa - the contract was not renewed. The huge performance company Yaffe Nof is in danger of closing

The crisis between Klish and the government is reaching new heights: the Ministry of Transportation announced the cancellation of the contract with the municipal construction company Yaffe Nof, a company that carries out infrastructure projects worth close to a billion shekels a year and employs many workers from Haifa and the surrounding area. The contract, which expired in June 2020, was not renewed by Transport Minister Miri Regev. Likud members in Haifa are ready to help as much as necessary and to bridge the gap between the parties.

Ministry of Transportation notice to Yaffe Nof:
The Ministry of Transportation and Road Safety announced this evening (02/07/20) to the "Yepa Nof" company about the termination of the contract with the company and the transfer of the projects under its care to other infrastructure companies of the Ministry.

The opening of the matron - a ribbon is cut on the days of friendship with the Ministry of Transport

Minister of Transportation and Road Safety Brigadier General Miri Regev:

The Ministry of Transportation is obligated to the residents of the Haifa metropolis and I have no intention of showing tolerance for delays and budget deviations that cause tremendous damage to the public and delay the development of transportation infrastructure. The companies must provide service according to the goals and schedules set for them.

In the background to the talks: a deep rift between Klish (Haifa municipality) and the Israeli government

In the background of the talks there is a growing rift between Einat Kalish and the Haifa municipality and the Israeli government and the Likud in particular. The rift began when the Kalish coalition was formed, when members of the Likud faction remained in the opposition. The Greens of Haifa, which are a local faction of the "Blue and White" party, also remained in the opposition.

After being elected mayor of Haifa, a rumor spread that Klish "filtered" Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu over the phone. Whether the rumor is true or not - this was leaked to the media and became a fact that insulted the Likud people. The rift became acute when Kalish presented the cable car project (between the check post and the university) as an unnecessary project and thereby hurt Israel Katz, the former Minister of Transportation, who led this project personally, and even participated in the laying of the cornerstone and received from Yona Yahav the "Honorary Citizen of Haifa". Klish's opposition to the development of the hinterland of the Gulf port and the exchange regarding Haifa's airport also exacerbated the dispute between Israel Katz and Klish.

At the end of 2018, when Kalish was elected to the position, she canceled in the blink of an eye a flagship project with a financial scope of approximately NIS 4 billion to carry out a metro route on the axis of the ridge (the Carmel). The plan for this project was never published, so we could not reveal it here, but Yona Yahav and Likud officials told Haifa that this is an ambitious project in the framework of which underground parking lots were also planned for the Haifa residents, along the axis of the ridge, with the aim of enabling an alternative to parking, when the parking lots themselves will be occupied in favor of a matron route. Yahav and Likud officials also said that, in light of Kalish's opposition, Israel Katz passed, in the blink of an eye, the budget for the development of a transportation project in Nahariya.

Now, when Miri Regev replaced Israel Katz as Minister of Transportation and Katz was appointed as Minister of Finance, the response was not long in coming and the contract with Yaffe Nof was not renewed.

The Yaffe Nof company has carried out many projects for the Haifa municipality and the residents of Haifa, from the budget of the Ministry of Transport. During the planning and execution of these projects, close environmental and landscape coordination was carried out with the Haifa Municipality, so that around each project the people of Haifa benefited from considerable landscape development that contributed greatly to the city.

We note that Yaffe Nof is controlled by the Ministry of Transportation and the Haifa Municipality.

Israel Katz (Photo: Prime Minister's Office)
Israel Katz - Minister of Finance (Photo: Prime Minister's Office)

Yona Yahav sent a message to Hai Pa:

Damage to the functioning and responsibility of Yaffe Nof is a serious damage to the development of the city of Haifa. All the important projects of the city and especially the development of the downtown - the port campus, were made possible due to funds that came to Lifa Nof from the Ministry of Transportation. Yaffe Nof received funds for environmental development - around the Matron axis and the development of the port. The heroes' road, which cost NIS 250 million, was entirely executed by Yaffe Nof, from the Ministry of Transportation's budget.
In my opinion, the reason for the cancellation of the projects in Yafa Nof is the lack of cooperation of the Haifa Municipality with the Ministry of Transportation.
During my time we granted honorary citizenship to Israel OT because of its activity and the momentum it gave to the city of Haifa, in its areas of responsibility.

Yona Yahav (photo - Yaron Karmi)

Shimshon Ido gave a speech here

Shimshon Ido is the chairman of the Likud faction in the city council and the former chairman of Yaffe Nof

I served as chairman of Yaffe Nof in the previous term. When I received the position, Yaffe Nof was down from 600 million NIS to 400 million NIS. Immediately after I took the position, I appointed an external auditor, who submitted audit reports to the management, in order to heal society. During the period, we corrected many of the deficiencies and the company began to take off.

In my position I maintained a close relationship with the Ministry of Transportation and during this period the company increased to an annual performance scope of approximately one billion shekels.

I estimate that the problems described by the Ministry of Transport were mainly in the port connection projects, which took place after my time. As a result, there was a delay in the implementation of the agreement with the Chinese. This caused a significant crisis.

During my time, the Yaffe Nof company expanded its activities outside the borders of the city of Haifa. In the recent period, about a year and a half, the chairman of the company (Yoav Ramati) was from Smotrich's party, who was until now the Minister of Transportation. Yoav Ramati had enough time to renew the contract with the Ministry of Transportation. That's how time passed, the contract came to an end in June 2020 and the contract Not a month.

This is a serious blow to Haifa. Yaffe Nof company must not be closed, because this is a cry for generations. If the city management has an interest in the company not being closed and if I am asked by the city management, I will try and act as much as I can to prevent this closure, for the sake of the residents of Haifa.

Shimshon Ido, chairman of the Likud faction in the city council (former chairman of Yaffe Nof)

From the notebook Yaffe Nof delivered to Lai Pa:

The company respects any decision made by the Ministry of Transportation. We will wait for orderly instructions to be received soon to enable a performance sequence and thus prevent damage to the transportation projects. The company will continue to promote infrastructure projects for the residents of Haifa and the surrounding area.

Hazi Eini, a member of the Likud Center from Haifa, told Lahi Pa:

Everything that has been happening in Haifa since Kalish was elected mayor is no accident.
While Klish behaves as if she is the ruling party in Jerusalem and she will do something about it, the bitter reality comes and slaps her and Nachshon Tzuk's face time and time again.

Hazy Eini (personal album)
Hazy Eini (personal album)

His father, Han, gave him a speech

Avihu Han is a member of the city council and chairman of the Greens of Haifa

Once again we see and feel the lack of understanding and administrative failures of Mayor Kalish.
The Yaffe Nof company has carried out huge infrastructure projects in the Haifa metropolitan area and the north, and this from the budgets of the Ministry of Transport. The one who benefited from this and in a big way over the years was the city of Haifa which was able to develop necessary and important urban infrastructural solutions alongside the aforementioned projects.

This is a very hard blow to the city, a hard blow to Yaffe Nof Corporation, a serious blow to the livelihood of dozens of workers and a blow to the development of the city!

This decision by the Ministry of Transportation disconnects the Yafa Nof Corporation from its central oxygen tank and this is part of Kalish's wrong decision to appoint the council member from the Jewish Home Ramati as the chairman of the board. We the Greens of Haifa warned her against this appointment due to fear of a conflict of interest, unfortunately we were right and the appointment was rejected by Ministry of Justice.

It is sad to see how Mayor Kalish did not know how to create a working relationship and cooperation with the decision makers in the Israeli government. Her lack of experience and the mistakes in her decisions are causing enormous damage to Haifa that will take many years to repair.

His father Han

There was no response from Klish's office

Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem on her first day in the Haifa Mayor's Office - 20/11/2018 (Photo: Reuven Cohen - Haifa Municipality Spokesperson)
Einat Klish

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Yaron Karmi
Yaron Karmi
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18 תגובות

  1. It's time for this corrupt dinosaur to disappear from the map... by his "right" the property tax in Haifa is the most expensive in the country
    In the center of Tel Aviv, a 70 mr apartment valued at 4.5 million NIS, the property tax is 560 NIS per two months. In Haifa, an apartment in Carmel Cottage worth NIS 2.5 million pays NIS 2800 per two months.
    Half of the city's residents "work" and/or are employed by the city and its institutions
    And the other half carries the burden.
    Miri Regev did a very good job, finally we see one good thing she did, yes Yervo,

  2. which will contact its partners in the joint list to obtain funding from the BDS.
    The Haifa people eat what they cooked.
    We do not live in an imaginary world.

  3. Yaffe Nof has been building another line to the Matron near the Grand Canyon for many months, all the construction there makes a complete mess to catch a bus there.
    Why do you need a matron if there were a full line of buses there that worked just fine?
    Haifa Municipality gives Lafay a view to do what they want, there is no transparency in Haifa.

    Besides, why should Haifa give Regev a stage here? She has enough publicity like that.

  4. Since when does the periphery deserve transportation budgets. It is enough to invest in another highway to Tel Aviv. Shorten the travel time to Tel Aviv to 30 minutes.

  5. There is no problem that Shifa Nof will continue to operate at the expense of layoffs of redundant workers from the municipal system. For example, the contents of most museums have already been stolen, so why keep them?

  6. I am sure that the mayor of Haifa Dr. Einat Kalish Rotem will not give a hand to close or harm the Yaffe Nof company. Dot. New row.

  7. Unfortunately, many things were promised during the days of Katz and Yahav
    The matron said it was a new project on magnets without burning fuel, and after that it was said it was on electricity. In the end, they brought us a double bus with a diesel engine with smoke and tolerable Baltic noise. In short: a project from the 70s of the last century. It would have been better to build a new electric tram on tracks without pollution, like in Jerusalem. Even so, we suffered for 5 years until the tracks were finished, what's more, the electric solution was a form with less room laterally...apparently a lot of money was rolled under the table

  8. Right decision, welcome for Haifa. For anyone who wants a proper manager, quality planning, quality execution and an end to wasting and destroying public funds on planning and executing the same thing 3-4 times because of previous failures because we received all of these in endless abundance in this failed company of Yaffe Nof.
    I'm not surprised that there are stakeholders whose friends are employed there who are lamenting this correct decision, don't be afraid that others will enter a place with a beautiful view. I have no doubt that we will not be able to completely prevent the absurd waste on "transportation projects". But what happened to Yaffe Nof and the deficits in the hundreds of millions and even a billion shekels that disappeared in Matroni, the fatal reports of the state auditor, the municipal auditor, the resignation of the company's accounting firm because they could not even follow, on purpose, Yaffe Nof's expenses. The system of bribery that took place in front of authorities in order to promote The failed and wasteful planning of the most expensive and long-lasting alternatives, the economic wounds they caused to thousands of businesses in the area who have to deal with the failed implementation, the deliberate deviations in the budgets, in the Matron 3 year delay, the sections that had to be done over and over again (6 million NIS to uproot what they did on Herzl Street and build renewed with the possibility of an appeal from the prophets), from the incorrect lighting tenders that cost the taxpayers tens of millions, the failed execution of the Ibn Gvirol axis that cost human lives without a slowdown in traffic and crossings, the interchange in Bat Galim whose scaffolding collapsed, roads that were layered and within one winter filled with cracks due to failed contractors and zero Supervision, the matron stations were carried out without the preparation of electrical infrastructure and had to be displaced and carried out again.
    Enough, enough, I am amazed at the Greens joining Yona Yahav, whom I understand he named the treasurer Jacky Wakim, who was also accused of tilting tenders in Bipa Nof, but strangely the case was closed and he was removed from the position, everything was clear, infrastructure companies inflated costs and cut coupons.
    It's not minus a billion, it's a beautiful view, every budget they brought from the Ministry of Transportation should have been brought at the same time from the municipalities, the damage to the public was double. It is not for nothing that there are no proper public buildings in Haifa. There is no public pool. There are no new schools and the few that have been built (after 10 years in which not even one school was built) are full of deficiencies. A sports hall was not built in the classes and in other schools. In the stadium, Yaffe Nof created a deficit of a quarter of a billion shekels. Sports fields were neglected until disasters occurred. Everything they planned had one goal: to squeeze the city coffers and inflate the budget of Yaffe Nof. A municipality within a municipality. Yahav and his predecessor Mitzna lost control of this company, or were complicit in its grotesque criminal conduct. Find more and more ways to shove a deep fist into the butt of the Haifa property tax payer. There is not one project that was completed on time and without exception, not one.
    Actually there is one, the Carmel tunnels, but that was done by the Chinese. The connections of the Carmel tunnels in the interchanges were carried out by Yaffe Nof with an overrun of NIS 100 million and delays of months in each section.
    It could be said that we are blessed that we have been released from its punishment, but not yet.. Unfortunately, it has not yet been closed, there is still a possibility that this company will continue to spoil and rob the city coffers. They just finished swallowing NIS 350 million on a stupid unnecessary cable car. NIS 400 million for uprooting all the roads to Nesher in order to push a subway route in the middle of the main roads instead of paving a right lane
    An additional NIS 4 million per km instead of 40. Wait, the circus isn't over yet, the corruption isn't over yet, why is there an infrastructure tunnel in Milliard and interchanges in Freud and downhill roads and uphill roads and roundabouts and bypass interchanges. They will never stop robbing just a question of how much and how .

    • What was written by Eyal regarding Yaffe Nof company. Must reach all residents of Haifa..I guess this is only the tip of the iceberg.

  9. Also on this issue, like many before him, I warned the municipality's leadership a long time ago that they are making a barrier to stupidity and lack of experience and understanding from serious achievements both in dealing with the government, and in the cancellation of a huge project that has already been budgeted for solving the multitude of transportation problems along the ridge line and around it and the continuation of the failed appointment of Yoav Ramati as the company's chairman, Even then, I warned and wrote to the State Comptroller that even as a director of Ypa-Nof he should not serve due to the sharp conflicts of interest he has, much more than what was published. Ramati also did not deliver the goods when Smotrich from his party was the Minister of Transport for a few months. This opportunity to get renewed recognition from the Ministry of Transport was lost.
    So who is able to explain what Kalish earned from Marmati and the Jewish Home and why the hell she continues to back him up to now, after everything the committee wrote about him under the authority of Dina Zilber, the deputy attorney general at the Ministry of Justice??

  10. Since Shihav left, there are no normal roads in Haifa, the roads are destroyed and we suffer. All the Gulf roads are finished.

  11. I don't understand Miri Regev's long title. She is not on the way to the elections, she is not in a job interview, so why the mention of her military?

  12. It's amazing that this thing was chosen in Haifa, my mother city. You are embarrassing. Reading in the newspapers, you are outraged by your behavior, you are a mayor without a head.
    Resign, you're bad, you don't understand your role and are destroying a major city in the country.

  13. In my opinion, after all the corrupt people involved in the scandals published in the last year are eliminated, there will be a need for one company or another. Until then, the state must not transfer projects or funds to the company just to keep the coffers.

  14. Yaffe Nof company. is not a company worthy of activity. During the days when Haifa was renewed, we got to know the company's work. I attest to poor work. Delay in works. Lack of professionalism in progress at work. Employee laziness and management negligence. Herzl Street twice the time per year that they committed to. Commercial damages to the stores, many of which were forced to close and all of them had to invest private funds to continue to exist to this very day. The commerce of the shops is still working to reach a balance during the period of the failure of the works and the duration of the time. Yes. A beautiful company. It is appropriate for the company to quarantine people to stop causing damage to the city of Haifa. as a reminder. At the same time, the tunnels in Carmel were completed by a Chinese company with Chinese workers to their credit, and in a short time of a year and a half, the work on the Carmel tunnels to open the tunnels to vehicle traffic was delivered from the commitment to completion. Arranged a bad company.

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