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The Carmel Beach Towers - the "monsters" on the beach

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The Gulf Port in Haifa passes into Chinese hands • What are the consequences? • Video - Shabtai Levi

The Gulf Port was built and will be managed by a Chinese company • Are Israel aware of the possible consequences?

Shabtai Levi, retired Navy Brigadier General, who was in charge of the heroic smuggling operation of the Cherbourg ships, founded the navy's navy fleet and in the past head of the directorate of shipping and ports, went out to investigate the issue!

Video • A Chinese company will manage the Gulf port • Shabtai Levy, former head of the Shipping Directorate, examined the consequences

Shlomo Cohen, chairman of Shayti Carmel:

It is not at all certain that such a port is essential for us. Israel already has a docking port for mega-ships. Someone needs to explain why another port is needed to dock large ships.

So how did the Chinese get the Gulf port?

On the face of it, the answer is simple: Haifa held a tender in which only one offer was submitted - from the Chinese company.
It is a subsidiary of the Port of Shanghai that submitted the bid and won.

Acting Brigadier General Momo Cohen and retired Brigadier General Shabtai Levy (Photo: Mandy Shpond)
Acting Brigadier General Momo Cohen and retired Brigadier General Shabtai Levy (Photo: Mandy Shpond)

No. 1 port in the world

It is worth noting that the port of Shanghai is the #1 port in the world today, in terms of its outputs and efficiency.
Of the ten largest and leading ports in the world, seven are ports in China.
If so, there may be some advantages in granting the concession to an experienced Chinese company in the field of ports.
Perhaps thanks to the management of the Chinese, the ports sector in Israel will rise to a higher international level?
Perhaps the various Israeli ports will receive a push and an incentive to become more efficient thanks to the efficiency that the port in Haifa will receive? And maybe the entire Israeli economy will be improved thanks to the Chinese model that will come to our region?
It's possible. But the State of Israel being the country it is, it does not have the privilege to refer only to this area.

This port is a strategic infrastructure of Israel

Prof. Shaul Horev - Chairman of the Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy Research says:
"The Chinese president himself told his people that there is no such thing as separate 'military infrastructure' and 'civilian infrastructure'.
About China, he said Mr. Xi - President of China, to ensure that any civilian infrastructure it builds in the world will also function as China's military-political infrastructure."

Prof. Shaul Horev - Chairman of the Center for Maritime Policy and Strategy Research says:

Ports are a strategic infrastructure of the country. The State of Israel certainly should not transfer its ports to a foreign entity.

The Navy should be worried

Prof. Horev adding:
"China is not in favor of Israel, it is here to take technology, to use the 'Jewish head'.
When she is required to formulate her position regarding international issues that Israel is connected with, she is not on our side, she is on the other side. In my opinion, the Navy should be worried."

And what do our American friends say about it?

When the US Secretary of Commerce visited Israel, he demanded that Israel take care of stricter cyber security standards.

Momo Cohen, Brigadier General and chairman of Shayti Carmel:

The Americans really don't like the fact that the Chinese will take over Israeli infrastructure
The Chemicals Terminal, Havat Michli 1979, Nemal Hamfaretz, Kiryat Haim (Photo: Yaron Karmi)
The Gulf port in Chinese hands, in the heart of a strategic area - the chemical terminal, the 1959 tank farm, and at the bottom of the photo - the Haifa port, including the military port (photo: Yaron Karmi)

the environmental consequences

In terms of environmental consequences, it seems that the Chinese meet, more or less, all standards.
The damage to nature exists, from the very fact of establishing a port of this size, but it seems that there is an attempt to minimize the damage as much as possible. It is evident that the new port will be "greener" than the old ones that currently exist in Israel and will operate according to the international convention.

honey trap?

So perhaps another large port is needed, and there may be advantages to China's entry into the Israeli port business, but it is very worthwhile for Israel to make sure that it is not a honey trap.

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  1. its sad Israel fought and fought for land, and not seeing how the Chinese will back stab Israel and we will lose Israel to the undemocratic China,

  2. Why do we need another port? Because the current port has been taken over by a committee that thinks
    that he can disable the port whenever he feels like it.
    After they open the new port, for my part they will close the old port and send the
    All his employees home.

  3. I read Yossi Ben Artzi's delusional flattering article for the Chinese port that will "launch Haifa" (professor of geography, not economics)
    It was really hard for me not to throw up a little in my mouth. Geopolitical chatter about cargo from Damascus.
    Sometimes I really wonder if the academy lives in the ivory tower or even sails in a spaceship outside the atmosphere.

  4. The Chinese are a light for Israel. In the fields of work, or rather long-term slavery, there is something to learn from the Chinese and the best in the world. It is not a shame to learn, and certainly not a shame to cooperate. After seventy years of systematic extortion in the ports with pensions of fifty thousand shekels per worker and I really don't want to talk about all the internal politics The dirty work that is carried out within the management of the ports for all the ego wars and the sums of money that we our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren will pay, it's time for someone, even if his eyes are slanted, to prove that a port can be managed with a controlled ego at a reasonable salary that is good and beneficial for everyone. They lack nothing in the field of corruption. They can even teach something in this field. Look at what they are doing in the Congo in Limumbashi.

  5. We need to say "thank you" to Israel Katz who took his ego and decided to fight the port committee in establishing a new port. With all the destructive implications.

  6. Crying for generations!!
    Let's see who will be the man to get them out of here later?
    As soon as they set foot here.. the story is over!
    Israel Katz is the only thing you will be remembered for! You brought the's on your head!
    Take responsibility! It's time to stop it

  7. A country that has a seaport has not yet been defeated. Is this the beginning of our end? Is our stupidity so great? It's on your shift Bibi..!!!!

  8. Another stupid whim of the government, no country of 8 million citizens has seven ports!!! And in addition, no citizen will benefit from a decrease in the cost of living. As was said when the Israel Shipyards were handed over to private hands, the one who benefits is the owner of the property!!!

  9. Kudos to the Chinese, they work 14 hours a day, just don't say they are hard workers, they might get mad at us

  10. Sholem Aleichem.
    The Chinese did not invade the port by force and it did not happen yesterday.
    The Chinese are with us from the faucet in the toilet
    And to disinfectants, to hospitals and to the food we eat. The "horrible" Chinese, those who have the largest ants in their possession, are among the most efficient in the world, came to deal with an Israeli problem, difficult and fallen - inefficiency!! It turns out that way, the article with the wonderful, important and wise people is structured and presents feelings and emotions. Less important details, like how to build a port...
    How to build a proper port... how to create competition and not strikes, how to put in one ship, with 15 thousand containers and not 1 ship with 15 thousand problems! Port workers from the Peretz waters in Ashdod, have become an Israeli nightmare, much more than a Chinese cyber, how to say?...- What will he do?.... will listen to Einat Klish in a council discussion,
    Will he listen to the sergeant in the Hd, in an empty order?....
    Or is the Navy, which is not well organized and not careful in its discussions, afraid of telephone blocking and silent discussions, in cyber-tight places?!…
    Or then, we say thank you to the Chinese, who promoted us, lit a warning light for us, in behavior and preparation for cyber wars and eavesdropping.
    And the Americans - to start moving the bottom (sorry for the expression)
    Instead of bringing a plague on Israel!
    An exhausted people dealing with himself, who could bring here, his own port.
    Things are working out for the Chinese, also in Europe and those who thought that the world wars were over, do not understand that they are in progress
    And only the weapons changed.

    Have a nice weekend, health to the people
    And watch out for a Chinese bat, it's much more dangerous
    From an automatic container port in Haifa!!

    • It seems that you do not understand the depth of the Chinese penetration into the area and if you think that they will settle for Tnuva's cottage and not steal secrets, see what should not be seen and pass it on to their friends the Russians, the Turks, the Arabs, you are wrong. It's not the cheese that worries me, the intelligence - yes and how else. , giving the key to the main vault of our tiny country - to those who have no favoritism towards us. It was not allowed to do that. forever. Anyone. We were not allowed to be prostitutes - for money, however huge.

  11. If this is the damage done by Israel Katz as Minister of Transportation, just imagine what damage he will do as Minister of Finance.
    In my opinion, Israel was simply sold to China and it's not just ants, there are several other issues here such as the sale of Tnuva to the Chinese
    And more.

  12. That we don't know... They sell the country to tycoons anyway, but sell strategic resources to the Chinese?? One power plant has already been sold, now a port... Little by little the Chinese will take over us!!... Instead of throwing the parasites in the port to hell, did you build another port? That's how much one holds the other by the balls in our country?!?

  13. The head of the Shin Bet, the former head of the Israel Defense Forces, the former Israeli ambassador to China, and the US Defense Secretary stated unequivocally: transferring national infrastructures such as seaports and power plants to Chinese ownership, as well as transferring exclusive Israeli knowledge to China, is a strategic mistake that could cost the country dearly in the future!

  14. The stupidity celebrates overtime.
    China supports Iran and helped it circumvent the sanctions.
    Sinai Port = No visits by the Sixth Fleet even if and when the Corona disappears from our lives. economic and strategic significance.
    All because of the predation of privatization.

  15. Do not do 1 + 1 and do not take things out of context - it is your sole responsibility.
    This is an innocent bedtime story for children -
    There was a state where there was nothing, an infrastructure minister who published tenders, and most of them were won by Chinese or local companies that employ Chinese.
    When local companies won tenders (and employed Chinese) it turned out that the owners of the companies are cousins ​​of the prime minister, nothing happened.
    When that minister moved to become the Minister of Finance, the issue of infrastructure moved with him... I wonder why and what is the connection between the positions.
    The wife of that minister... opened an office that issued worker's certificates to Chinese laborers in a state where there was nothing. (For interaction with the children, the parent is invited to explain to the children that the issuing of the certificates is done voluntarily, everything is free and the characters are animated).
    To the reader of the story - you can continue from this point and develop the story as you see fit.
    Tell the story to the children before going to bed, they will fall asleep like the residents of that country that was nothing - which is adjacent to the land of never ending.
    And if in the future you want to tell the children before bed, this story again, print it out and put it in the bag marked xxxx.
    There is no connection between the things and reality - therefore everything from the beginning to the end is apparent and also from the end to the beginning it is apparent and so on forever, and there is no connection whatsoever between this fabric story and reality. Of course!!!

    • You are invited to unload ships and get infected with Corona - you will get free food in the hotel and maybe a plot in Tel Regev = everything for free

    • Doesn't matter much, the port of Haifa...close to the Chinese port! In my opinion, Haifa or the state got paid for our kindness to allow the Chinese to take over a sovereign territory of the State of Israel, in the most sensitive place, pipelines to the refineries, to the chemical factories and more.
      Today... at the end of the work of establishing the port, it is too late to shed a tear. Let's hope that the State of Israel and the city of Haifa will benefit from the arrival of Chinese ships to this port.

  16. Terrible...really terrible, soon the whole state of Israel will be annexed to the stupid Chinese, I was not ready to hand over the port to the Chinese.

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